Rabbit Spay/Neuter

Following is a list of veterinarians who provide spay/neuter services for rabbits. To our knowledge, the only low-cost providers listed are Dakin Community Spay/Neuter Clinic in Springfield, MA and Humane Society of New York Animal Clinic in New York City. Please call the providers listed for information and appointments.

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Every Bunny Counts Rabbit Rescue

Humane Society of New York Animal Clinic

New York, NY

South Wilton Vet Group Wilton, CT
www.southwiltonvet.com 203-762-2002

Barnum Animal Hospital
Dr. Louis Pieper Stratford, CT 203-378-0687

Norwalk Animal Hospital
Dr. Greg Stecker Norwalk, CT 203-847-7757

Vet Center for Birds and Exotics 
Dr. Laurie Hess Bedford Hills, NY
www.avianexoticsvet.com 914-864-1414

Chippens Hill Vet Hospital Bristol, CT 860-583-9271

Veterinary Associates of East Haven
Dr Heather Rife  East Haven, CT 203-469-6531